Speakers Follow Listeners For Optimal Sound

Speakers Follow Listeners For Optimal Sound
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An installation showcases the possibilities for collaboration between music and technology.

Plus Aziz
  • 3 december 2012

Missing is an exhibit at Sonos Studios involving robotic speakers that follow listeners as music from the xx’s Coexist album plays. Working alongside Kyle McDonald, Aramique, and Matt Mets (aka Cibo Mahto) the exhibit plays on the album’s title to address “the relationship between man and machine and how the prevalence of technology blurs the line between the two,” according to the Sonos Studio website.

The Los Angeles-based installation uses 50 speakers, Kinect cameras, and other technology to create a multidimensional listening experience (Reminiscent of Ariel Blumenthal’s 3D Music). As you can see in the video below, visitors walk through the exhibition and hear dark music emitted from speakers. The Kinect cameras feed information to the speakers, and guide them as people proceed through the exhibition.

If you’re in LA, you have until December 23rd to check out the installation.

Sonos Studio

+Kyle McDonald

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