Artist Revives Ancient Stone Balancing To Create Mind-Boggling Structures

Artist Revives Ancient Stone Balancing To Create Mind-Boggling Structures
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Sculptor Michael Grab uses patience, balance, and gravity to visually stunning ends.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 4 december 2012


The art of stone balancing, as Michael Grab very well knows, is more than just stacking stones into extraordinary forms and structures. It’s about using nature for inspiration, but also for raw materials. For Grab, it’s a practiced therapeutic and meditative ritual. For everyone else, viewing the structures may be more dumbfounding than mind-clearing.


Make no mistake about it: no tricks are employed in creating these breathtaking sculptures. The only ‘glue’ holding these stone configurations together is the very gravity they seem to defy.

Grab began stone balancing in 2008, and has since gained recognition in and around Boulder, Colorado for his amazing sculptures. He originally began the hobby to fend off boredom, but Grab now regularly uses stone balancing as an artistic and spiritual outlet. He says that one of the keys to stone balancing, in addition to incredible patience and a sense of balance, is finding the natural grooves and indentions the rocks provide.

Grab is not be the first to discover the art of stone balancing, explaining that many cultures across the globe have employed the art for centuries, but he is definitely making a name for himself as he shares his creations with the world through his site, Gravity Glue.

Check out Grab demonstrating how it’s done in the video below, and a small collection of his work in the gallery that follows:

Photos and Portfolio by Gravity Glue

Gravity Glue

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