Swedish Bus Company Offers Discount For Every Minute It Is Late

Swedish Bus Company Offers Discount For Every Minute It Is Late

Popular Swedish bus line Swebus is offering 1% off every 60 seconds it is behind schedule.

Laura Feinstein
  • 19 december 2012

From IKEA to quality affordable health care, you can always count on Sweden to take a good thing and make it better. For a limited time, Scandinavian bus line Swebus is offering a promotional deal where for every minute late their buses are, riders get a 1% discount on fare. Can you imagine if the New York City’s MTA instituted a policy like this? We probably be riding for free every day!

For those who have never been to Sweden, Swebus offers some of the more scenic (and afforable) travel routes through the region, and is hugely popular with the student set using the line to shuttle themselves between central Europe and the north.

In addition, the website also has an ongoing tracker of currently delayed buses, in case you’re looking to save a little on your next trip to Stockholm. Monitoring the country’s ten biggest train station, whenever a train is stalled it generates a discount ticket to Swebus, the amount of which is based on the number of minutes it’s late. If trains are cancelled, the bus ride becomes free. The only caveat? The app generates only one coupon per train, so it pays to be vigilant even when you’re think of those gently sloping fjords.

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