Tent Remade Into Inflatable Pavilion At Design Miami [Pics]

Tent Remade Into Inflatable Pavilion At Design Miami [Pics]
Arts & Culture

A kinetic topographic landscape is created from the same material used on the exhibition's white tent.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 4 december 2012

NYC-based Snarkitecture were selected to create the entry pavilion at the Design Miami 2012. The exhibition is typically housed in a large white tent across the street from the convention center where Art Basel takes place. Snarkitecture, who are no strangers when it comes to using non-traditional materials to create spaces took inspiration from the tent’s signature material.

Their Drift pavilion is created from several hundred white vinyl tubes inflated with air. The material is the same as used on the tent. By altering the height of the tubes, the architects created a unique profile shape to the entry both outside and in using almost no solid structure. The solution creates a lot of visual impact with a minimal amount of material.


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