New Thread Identifies Real Luxury Goods From Fakes

New Thread Identifies Real Luxury Goods From Fakes
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Christian Müller develops a thread that thwarts knock-offs through custom woven patterns unidentifiable by the human eye.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 3 december 2012

We’ve all seen the James Bond films that use specially marked bills to track criminals. Well, that technology is now being employed on various luxury goods. Select high-end designers are using a new kind of marked thread to put an end to fake designer clothes. By weaving a single strand of this specially woven thread into their garments, designers will now have a definite way of identifying their true luxury products from the counterfeits.

The threads are marked with concealed patterns visible only under polarized light, mimicking the tactic various nations’ are implementing on their bank notes to deter counterfeiting. The thread, made of a semi-transparent polyethylene and polymer was developed by Christian Müller in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The threads appear a solid purple color to the eye, but when they are magnified under polarized light, pink and purple patterns customized by each designer are revealed. Müller explains that the custom thread, which was developed to thwart knock offs, can bare any pattern or logo a designer chooses.

Applied Physics Letters

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