Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Given increased rates of geographic mobility, a startup wants to create mobile postal addresses based on digital IDs.

Plus Aziz
  • 5 december 2012

Sopost lets users sign a physical address to their social handles; this means attaching anything from an email address or Twitter handle to a physical location. Given the fluidity of our mobility, the idea for this UK-based start up is to create a world where mail is re-routed to wherever users happen to be. Sopost is particularly helpful for those of us who move around and relocate regularly. In an interview with TechCrunch, Founder Jonathan Grubin elaborates on Sopost’s vision:

An address should be where you are, or where you want things to be sent, rather than the last postcode somebody has for you… SoPost is about turning the things that we know and that rarely change – like our social IDs and email addresses – into our physical locations, creating almost a proxy for postal addresses in the process.

The way it works is that when users sign in, they are assigned a physical address to the social ID. Instead of having to change addresses through the postal service and then alert contacts, the address is saved and changed behind the social handle. All anyone needs to know is the social handle and they’ll never know your address has really changed.


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