Gallery Sells 24 Undeveloped Disposable Cameras As ‘Art’

Gallery Sells 24 Undeveloped Disposable Cameras As ‘Art’
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NY gallery W/-- gave the old school devices to different photographers and artists to take pictures with.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 december 2012

NY gallery W/– offered visitors at the art fair NADA Miami the chance to buy an undeveloped camera without knowing what photos are on it. For their latest project, 24 disposable cameras were on sale for $1,000 each at their booth. PetaPixel reports that the gallery gave the cameras to different photographers and artists, who were instructed to take pictures of whatever they wanted. They were then returned to W/– and hung up at their booth for the fair. People can only find out what is on the film after they purchase the piece of ‘art’ and get it developed.

Gallery Features 24 Undeveloped Disposable Cameras As ‘Art’


Photo by Kai Schreiber

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