Giant Memory Game Has Players Match Packages In A Real Warehouse

Giant Memory Game Has Players Match Packages In A Real Warehouse

The Swedish Post created a game through a microsite to promote their boxes for shipping gifts across Sweden.

Plus Aziz
  • 12 december 2012

As Sweden prepares itself for Christmas, the Swedish Post wanted to remind the nation that they offer pre-paid parcels, making them convenient for shipping gifts. To do this, they challenged the Swedes by launching a live memory game called Parcel Memory.

The premise of this marketing tactic is that there are 400 parcels scattered in a large, physical warehouse. Footage of the warehouse is livestreamed through to players primarily in Sweden. To win, these players have to direct real postal workers. If they manage to locate two parcels with matching objects inside, they win the contents inside for themselves.

Upon launching, the first two hours saw 15,000 people in Sweden participating and was eventually made accessible globally (shipments were restricted to Sweden however).

Click here for a video explaining the technicalities behind the work.

Parcel Memory

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