Faucet ‘Lock’ Helps Conserve Water

Faucet ‘Lock’ Helps Conserve Water
Design & Architecture

A locking mechanism may limit H2O use by switching off when a pre-determined amount is reached.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 14 december 2012


While the Earth is roughly 75% water, it is often forgotten that there is a finite amount of readily usable water. The Water Lock mechanism is designed to not only increase our awareness of water consumption, but also help avoid water waste.

The concept is a padlock-type device for your faucets that monitors the flow of water. By setting your water limit on the lock, the device automatically stops the flow of water once this level has been reached. This concept could lead to more environmentally friendly showering and bathing by reducing wasted water.

The device easily attaches to a faucet, and doesn’t require any kind of electricity or external power source. Theoretically, the device could also be placed on other faucets to reduce your water consumption while brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing the dishes.

If developed further, this concept could represent a small step towards greater environmental awareness and conservation efforts.

Images by Tuvie

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