Wearable Art Sculptures Are Meant To Be Danced In [Pics]

Wearable Art Sculptures Are Meant To Be Danced In [Pics]
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‘Soundsuits’ by Nick Cave are intricate, over-the-top, wearable art pieces that come to life through movement.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 december 2012

Artist Nick Cave’s new series of ‘Soundsuits‘ are colorful, over-the-top art sculptures that can be worn. These creative suits were made for Lille3000’s Fantastic 2012 festival in France, which runs until January 13th. designboom reports that the wearable pieces have inspirations as diverse as rocket missiles and tree roots. They are made from lots of different materials, including sequins, fur and buttons, and are meant to articulate the spirit of movement, coming to life through dance.

Wearable Art Sculptures Are Meant For Dancing [Pics]

Click through to see some of the Soundsuits on show at the festival:



Photos by James Prinz


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