The rapper wants to use technology to promote social change.

This article titled “ ‘I want to write code!'” was written by Carole Cadwalladr, for The Observer on Saturday 15th December 2012 23.00 UTC

How smart is Pretty damned smart, I'd say. Which is not to say that, at times, he doesn't come across like an overactive toddler who's been on the orange squash. Especially when he's talking about his vision of the future, when we'll be listening to music through our clothes: “We won't have headphones! There'll be smart fabrics which affect your nerve endings!” Or more or less anything to do with technology. It's his favourite subject and it gets him hopping up and down in his seat and gesticulating and asking rhetorical questions and putting on a range of different voices (he's a truly excellent mimic, doing Michael Jackson as a sort of ghetto Barbara Cartland, though at one point he does me and I'm a ghetto Princess Margaret).

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