Chefs Feed only includes recommendations from well-regarded culinary professionals.

Apps likes Foodspotting, Yelp, and Urbanspoon, have turned the average foodie, into a connoisseur and food critic. Steve and Jared Rivera believe that although crowdsourced food reviews are great to discover new restaurants, they have also produced some bad food recommendations. The brothers created the app Chefs Feed where reviews are only made by professional chefs.

Chefs Feed features 600 qualified chefs who make up the list of curators. Some of the highly regarded chefs include Mario Batali and Thomas Keller. Steve Rivera added that the app is more than just a recommendation engine, as it’s also meant to be a platform for connecting foodies to chefs. Chefs not only comment on their own dish recommendations, but they respond to the picks of other chefs, and the feedback left by diners.

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