Kit Turns 2D Portraits Into 3D Paper Heads

Kit Turns 2D Portraits Into 3D Paper Heads
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Paper-Kit is an online app that uses photographs taken from different angles to create a 3D model, which can be printed and assembled.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 january 2013

If you’re not content with seeing your own picture as just  a flat representation of yourself, Paper-Kit will help you turn any 2D portrait into a 3D paper model.

The online app requires you to photograph your head from the front, left, and right sides and then upload these photos to the ‘head modeler.’

Kit Turns 2D Portraits Into 3D Paper Heads

As PetaPixel notes, these will then be used to form a digital 3D model of your head, which can be saved as a PDF kit and printed out.

To create a paper version of your head, carefully cut out all of the pieces and fold along the dashed lines, then assemble the parts with glue.

Check out the videos below to see a walkthrough of how to get your 3D model and an example paper head:



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