At the FabCafe in Japan, guests can have their head scanned and cast into a mold to make a sweet treat for their loved ones.

The FabCafe in Shibuya, Japan features a mix of 3D printing, laser cutting, and regular cafe offerings. In February, it is running a special workshop where participants can have their head captured by a high-tech machine that provides a 360° scan to make a unique 3D printed chocolate mold.

FabCafe says all it takes is a look of love that you want that special someone to see when they open their box of chocolates and are greeted with a small chocolate version of your head looking up at them.

The workshop consists of two consecutive classes in the run up to Valentine's Day, and those who attend will receive a collection of chocolate heads to give to their loved one for the special occasion. They also get to keep the 3D printed mold, so they can make more chocolate versions of their head in the future if they wish to.

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