Site Lets Ad Professionals Share Their Deepest, Darkest Work Secrets

Site Lets Ad Professionals Share Their Deepest, Darkest Work Secrets

The Creative Confessional provides a virtual venue for advertising professionals to share their inner fears and guilty moments with the world.

Kyana Gordon
  • 27 january 2013

Apparently, advertising professionals have longed for a safe space where they can anonymously air their grievances. And now there is one. Browse through ‘The Creative Confessional,’ and it will make sense why the average creative feels comfortable in this online confession booth, as it helps them blow off steam from the day-to-day struggles and common client gripes in the industry. Some admissions are more frank and sordid than others, while some are filled with disdain for the ad world. Readers can vote on each confession as to whether to absolve or condemn the person who posted it, and the results are tallied below each post. In this way, the site’s readers get to determine whether the complaints are valid or not.


Confessions run the gamut from annoyance with commonplace workplace habits (“I decline to respond to emails that contain the phrase ‘please advise’), admitted drug use on the job, outright laziness, and career disenchantment. Read through the gallery below to see some of the juiciest confessions on the site.

The Creative Confessional

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