If Alcohol Brands Had Cereal Box-Style Mascots [Pics]

If Alcohol Brands Had Cereal Box-Style Mascots [Pics]

If whiskey or rum were packaged by the people who sell cereal – this is what their branding might look like.

Kyana Gordon
  • 31 january 2013

Frosties will never be the same, and you will no long be able to think of Tony the Tiger as a wholesome, sports-obsessed guy.

CollegeHumor staff writer, Alex Watt has cleverly re-imagined what cereal box mascots might look like if used to promote alcohol brands. From a spoof on Budweiser to Tony the Tiger representing tequila, the designer has drawn bottles of choice liquors into the hands of childhood cereal box mascots. He’s even had the good sense to sketch in their effects. Tony the Tiger looks like he’s had an epic night, while one of the Rice Crispies elves looks like he’s really enjoying his basketball’n’booze.

Maybe Watt’s creativity will encourage more breakfast eating (or drinking) across the nation.

The snarky gallery below shows our favorite mascot/alcohol pairings.

For more on the brains behind the boxes, check out Alex Watt.

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