German Hotel Offers 100-Year Old Beer Barrels As Guest Beds

German Hotel Offers 100-Year Old Beer Barrels As Guest Beds

An AirBnB bed and breakfast takes beer appreciation to the next level offering sleeping quarters made of old barrels.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 7 january 2013

Have you ever liked something so much you just wanted to surround yourself with it? Well, beer enthusiasts will now get that chance.

The Beer Barrel Room at a bed & breakfast in Ostbevern, Germany takes advantage of its local brewery by incorporating old barrels into furniture. Namely, beds.


Listed through AirBnB – a popular online service that allows people to list spare rooms, vacation homes, and other living spaces for short-term lodgings – the hotel has converted large beer barrels from the local Pott’s Brewery into single and double beds.

The B&B actually features three ‘beer rooms,’ but this one in particular features a barrel that was used for over 100 years to age and transport Pott’s malty beer – from the 19th century until 1995. An opening is created by cutting a half-circle from one of the end caps, allowing guests to climb up a short ladder to the platform bed installed inside. With it’s arched ceiling, it’s like a cozy bunk bed.


The room also features two additional beds, and the whole environment is inspired by the ‘cool barley drink.’ Guests can venture to the pond on the property to use another 19th century barrel that has been converted into a sauna. When guests return to one of the beer barrel rooms, cold glasses of beer are waiting.

Potts Naturpark Brauerei has been operating in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany since 1769. Now, nearly 250 years since it’s founding, they’re making it possible for beer lovers to enjoy a cool and inventive experience, in addition to a delicious brew.

Check out AirBnB for other unique travel accommodations or to book your stay in this beer lover’s paradise.



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