From living shoes to a strawberry plant that grows lace, more and more research is being done into how to organically produce wearable items.

This article titled “Textile futures: the living shoe and the strawberry plant that grows lace” was written by Oliver Wainwright, for on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 15.57 UTC

“We tend to work in the year 2050,” says Carole Collet, who founded the Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martins 10 years ago. “But for some students, that’s not enough – they prefer to speculate up to 2080 and beyond.”

Sitting in the cafe at the college’s new King’s Cross campus, it seems that all Collet and her colleague, course leader Caroline Till, are missing is a crystal ball. The work they and their students have been quietly pursuing for the last decade focuses on futuristic scenarios that many would find hard to comprehend – let alone relate to the conventional understanding of the word “textiles”.

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