Shoe Factory Turns Mass Production In Craftsmanship [Pics]

Shoe Factory Turns Mass Production In Craftsmanship [Pics]
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The Shoefactory Revised is a project by Dutch designer Eric Hullegie that offers a customized and unique touch to large-batch goods.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 january 2013

Dutch designer Eric Hullegie wanted to explore how existing processes could be redirected to change the products they create. For his project ‘The Shoefactory Revised,’ he cooperated with the Spanish shoemaker Camper.

Shoe Factory Combines Mass Production Techniques With Artistry [Gallery]

He gave mass production a customized, one-off touch by using a vacuum machine to produce shoes with colorful moulds. This unconventional process, which combined lycra with a gradual changing color print and sheets of plastic netting, resulted in each shoe having its own specific appearance. Hullegie writes:

It was my aim to have the people of Camper do what they are best at – making shoes according to longstanding technical standards and procedures – and at the same time add something of my own by interfering with the process of production. In this way I cleared the ground for new results in terms of construction, the use of different techniques, materials and forms.

Click through to see some of the creations from Hullegie’s project:


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