The drinks brand is putting fans in charge of the campaign narrative by allowing them to decide in real-time who wins the 'Coke Chase'.

Coca-Cola has unveiled its Super Bowl strategy; a social game that relies on fans to pick the ad's ending. ‘Coke Chase‘ follows three different groups (Cowboys, Badlanders, and Showgirls) in a desert all trying to get to a Coke first. Fans will be able to vote for the group they want to see win and ‘sabotage' the other groups, which will determine the spot that is unveiled at the end of the big game.

A 30-second teaser drives fans to, where they can get a first look at the 60-second ‘Mirage' ad that will air during the Super Bowl and begin voting for their favorite group. Once they've cast a vote, visitors can commit an act of ‘sabotage' against an opposing group to delay the rival teams. Fifteen different sabotages depicting a lighthearted scenario, event or detour have been filmed.

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