Contextual Rolodex – A Future Of Work Trend

Contextual Rolodex – A Future Of Work Trend

New applications are helping facilitate connections by providing contextual reminders and prompting worthwhile exchange between co-workers.

Wesley Robison
  • 27 january 2013

The Future Of Work

Digital relationships are growing to accommodate more connections and a wider scope of purpose. Dunbar says there are some neurological mechanisms in place to help us cope with the ever-growing amount of social connections life seems to require. Humans have the ability, for example, to facially recognize about 1,500 people. Now that would be an impressive number of Facebook friends.

Social contact lists are being paired with intelligent algorithms to help workers better understand the people inside their existing networks and identify individuals with whom they should be doing business. Address book applications gather existing information from users’ social networks to provide cues on how workers are connected to others. Business minded services are also leveraging geo-location data to create timely connections between contacts based on their proximity to one another.

Ross Smith of Microsoft says:

Tools that remind us about content shared during a previous conversation, or conversely, about upcoming events change the way that we are able to interact with others. Especially in contexts that are less personal or less frequent (a business meeting perhaps), this information allows us to pick up right where we left off…

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Contextual Rolodex trend:

Social Network Address Book Creates More Informed Interactions 

brewster app 1

Social Network Matches Nearby Business Prospects

intro 1

  • By revealing the personal context around conversations people are able to add a human connection into interactions that suffer from a loss of engagement.
  • Social discovery networks can help companies connect with their customers on a personal level by equipping them with relevant information before engagements begin.

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