Creative Sandbox: App Creates Instant Worldwide Brand Exposure

Creative Sandbox: App Creates Instant Worldwide Brand Exposure

Simultaneous worldwide photo captures create huge pulses of branded social activity.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 23 january 2013

To promote Montblanc’s world-class watches, German agency demodern created a mobile app that, in a way, ‘froze’ time. The Montblanc Worldsecond app used a remote countdown timer to synchronize users all around the world to capture an image at exactly the same instant. Pictures from each of the sixty Worldseconds were shared together in a gallery, capturing a global snapshot of what people were experiencing at that moment.

Sixty seconds before the actual Worldsecond, the app switched users’ smartphones to camera view so they could find their subject. As soon as the countdown reached “0”, the camera took a photo automatically.


What did the world choose to shoot? Moments we can all relate to – pets playing, a lover’s smile, the view outside during travel, a tasty plate of food and much more. That it happened simultaneously in different time zones lent to the diversity of photos shared; everything from a morning cup of coffee to glowsticks at an all-night rave. You can see them all here.

By synching each user’s app to the local time zone and using a central server based on the atomic clock, demodern was able to compensate for latency delay and achieved simultaneous captures accurate to one millisecond. The app and its surrounding campaign increased Montblanc’s Facebook Fans by 66% and triggered a 74% increase in Twitter followers in less than two months.

By trying to create repeated bursts of social activity, demodern helped Montblanc to establish itself as a social brand beyond mere Facebook or Twitter campaigns. This app, had it continued beyond the months of November and December, could have been its own social network.


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