Radio Station Crowdsources Its Programming With Mobile App

Radio Station Crowdsources Its Programming With Mobile App

Radio station lets users select songs and record audio clips to accompany them on air.

Plus Aziz
  • 25 january 2013

If a service, like a radio station, exists to give consumers what they want, why not let the consumers decide what that really is? Radio Station 97x is a station developed in a collaboration between media solutions company Cox Media Group and LDR Radio, an interactive broadcast technology that turns broadcasters into crowdcasters. The radio’s programming is giving over control to listeners and allowing them to decide what songs will get air time.

radio station 97x interface

Listeners can vote on a mobile app or website on the songs they’d like to hear. They can also record 10 sec. audio clips to be played with the song. This gives them the opportunity to ‘let their voices be heard’ in an ‘Open Mic’ feature. Users can place the songs in the queue and insert the audio clips where appropriate. The newly launched experiment has increased engagement with listeners and widened the audience base.

According to TechCrunch, an average of 300,000 people are tuning in to vote on songs. The article also suggests that traction tends to pick up significantly when listeners are given the opportunity to participate in programming. This is not only an example of the power of crowdsourcing, but also one that shows the importance of having a small group of engaged users rather a large group of passive ones.

Download the app on iTunes.

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