Customizable Upscale Artworks Fit Any Space

Customizable Upscale Artworks Fit Any Space

JuicyCanvas gives users the options to crop, scale, and recolor art pieces to match the style of their homes.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 2 january 2013

We’ve all seen sites like and 20×200 provide a convenient solution for those looking to buy that unique art piece to hang in their home. While JuicyCanvas is another alternative to the two sites previously mentioned, it does offer a few new features that make it quite unique compared to most other sites of its kind.


For starters, JuicyCanvas allows visitors to customize their selected pieces by cropping and recoloring prints to fit the style of their home. Users can change background color, cut out unwanted portions of a piece, or even change the color scheme of a print. Once the piece fits the buyers liking, the site uses high quality printing techniques and mounts the piece which ships to the residence ready to hang!




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