Cyclists have been enjoying the limelight, but do they get the right of way too often? Do pedestrians need to take back the streets?

This article titled “Can cyclists and pedestrians share the road?” was written by Interview by Joanna Moorhead, for The Guardian on Friday 4th January 2013 20.31 UTC

Cycling shot up the agenda in 2012 with Britain’s Olympic success and a national media campaign. But are other road users being forgotten in the rush to make the streets safer for bikes? Campaigner for pedestrians Caroline Russell and cycling blogger Danny Williams talk it through. Joanna Moorhead listens in.

Caroline Russell: We know who doesn’t rule the roads: it’s not pedestrians, and it’s not cyclists. That’s true in London and other cities – and in rural areas it’s worse: it’s terrifying being a pedestrian or riding a bike in the countryside. There’s an attitude that speeding doesn’t matter, and people forget, for example, the bit of the Highway Code that says you’re supposed to give way to pedestrians crossing a side road.

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