Digital Knowledge Updates – A Future Of Work Trend

Digital Knowledge Updates – A Future Of Work Trend

Services borne out of the e-learning revolution are enabling workers to stay up to date with the most sophisticated technology on the market.

Wesley Robison
  • 13 january 2013

The Future Of Work

In todays workplace it is pivotal to remain technologically literate, however 50% Millennials say their managers don’t understand the way they use technology at work.

Rapidly evolving technologies have created learning challenges. Whether using a program specific lexicon or coding new computer functions, a worker must constantly be updating their skills to remain digitally literate. Open networks and learning tools that are embedded within software programs seek to fill the need for ongoing education for the sole proprietor, while company wide learning initiatives are being rolled out to provide enterprise level educational solutions. These new avenues for learning enable workers to master essential digital skills and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

As Ross Smith of Microsoft says:

The workplace is changing. That’s, “No duh!” But the breadth of skills is also changing. A new worker who comes in with the ability to manage a network of 1,000 Facebook friends every day. That’s a fabulous skill, in a sales organization. But how do you map those two together? What elements of Facebook makes sense in the workplace and how can Gen Y and Boomer generations benefit from having those skills in the workplace?

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Digital Knowledge trend:

Office Program Connects Co-Workers To Keep Them Updated

learn27 virtual academy

Software Plug-In Sharpens User Skills On Latest Programs

adobe level up points

  • Workers learn about desirable new skills through embedded learning tool programs. Employers as a result will offer less guidance on potential training. Ease of use in learning technology tools enables workers to take responsibility for their own progressive education.
  • With a tech literate and nimble workforce companies can quickly iterate new applications of technology and remain adaptable in a changing landscape.

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