Ericsson demonstrates its vision for the Networked Society by asking music buffs to submit beats and melodies that will be mixed by DJ Avicii.

Avicii x You is a collaborative project between Ericsson, Universal Music, and At Night Management. The three entities have come together to orchestrate a collaboration between DJ Avicii and fans (many of which are audiophiles and producers themselves). Fans can contribute beat and tracks to add to the music, and the window to enter spans from January 9th to February 26, the track is set to be released. The Swedish DJ acting as the executive producer.

Amassing over 3,500 contributors, Avicii x You is structured so that each layer of the music track is developed independently. The first phase was focused on developing a solid melody and the second phase was the bassline. The subsequent phases line participants will get to shape the Beat/rhythm, break, and effects, so it’s not too late to pitch in your ideas. You can explore all the tracks submitted by clicking here.

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