Instead of buying appliances or dinnerware when people get married, the new 'Dart' campaign lets friends and family select auto components.

Instead of buying couples a toaster or a set of plates when they get married, why not help them buy a car? That’s the idea behind Dodge’s latest campaign for the 2013 Dart.

The ‘Dodge Dart Registry‘ works like a regular gift registry in that it lets friends and family select gifts for the recipients, but here the gifts are different parts of a new car. The online program, designed by Wieden + Kennedy, provides a creative way to raise money for a Dodge Dart.

It allows consumers to configure and customize their dream vehicle and then set a goal for the amount they want to raise. This can be a portion of the cost of a new Dart or the full price. It then itemizes components of the car, like the steering wheel, seats, and engine, allowing family and friends to sponsor specific parts.

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