Pavement Generates Electricity From Footsteps

Pavement Generates Electricity From Footsteps

Pavegen sidewalk tiles harnesses kinetic energy from the impact of pedestrian's feet.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 7 january 2013

Pavegen is a promising sidewalk concept that harnesses the kinetic energy generated from footsteps of pedestrians and converts it into electricity. The sidewalk is composed of floor tiles that convert movement–whether it’s a step, jump, hop, or stomp–into renewable energy, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as lighting, charging electronic devices, and powering interactive displays.


The creators of Pavegen envision renewable energy to be cultivated and used in the classrooms and have recently launched a Kickstarter initiative proposing to install Pavegen in one school in the United States and another in the UK. Once Pavegen reaches its fund target, the schools will receive a fully funded four-tile permanent Pavegen installation in a busy hallway of their choice, complete with interactive renewable energy displays to show students the energy they are creating with Pavegen.

Learn more about Pavegen in the video below:


Pavegen on Kickstarter

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