In order to stay relevant, companies have to do away with 'closed door management.'

As the modern workforce becomes younger, more digitally savvy and socially aware, companies are faced with a changing set of attitudes about workplace culture. In order to keep pace with these new expectations, organizations must continue to evolve their practices, doing away with the closed door management styles of the past, and embracing a more horizontal structure. But how do employers and their employees learn to operate without a boss?

For a horizontal organization to be successful, it has to empower its employees, giving them not only a voice, but also the ability to shape the future of the company. However, this is not just a way to make employees ‘feel’ better about their sense of agency within an organization. Rather it is a necessary restructuring which allows intelligent employees to explore their creativity, and ultimately enabling entire organizations to interalize innovation, act on new ideas and be more responsive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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