Employee Stakeholder – A Future Of Work Trend

Employee Stakeholder – A Future Of Work Trend

Flat management organizations are empowering workers to manage their work with greater autonomy and choose how their time may best be spent.

Wesley Robison
  • 20 january 2013

The Future Of Work

A shift in expectations has taken place in the workplace, and employees are increasingly eager to see the impact of their work. In fact, 95% of Millennials say they are ‘motivated to work harder when I know where my work is going.’ Therefore, it is important for employers to find new ways to capture and build upon this motivation.

Companies are luring top talent by offering their workers greater autonomy over their work assignment choices and how their time is spent. The traditional chain of command work dynamic is also being pushed aside in favor of a mentor/mentee-style relationship that positions superiors as resources that enable learning and experimentation. New communication tools and collaboration networks are allowing workers to find the resources necessary to solve business problems and drive change with less help from their superiors.

Ross Smith of Microsoft says:

We realized that the behaviors that we wanted to see, a freedom to fail, collaboration, experimentation, risk-taking, were all rooted in trust. By moving to, ‘Hey, why don’t you take this whole area and run with it, and do this however you think it should be done,’ you get that extra initiative, and that creativity and innovation that you might not get if you say, “OK, here’s your box. Go sit in this box.

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Employee Stakeholder trend:

Mentor Managers Encourage Workers To Deliver Better Output

grey uk office

Team Members Select How They Will Fit Into Each Project

weorg microsoft

  • By empowering independent workers to drive their own projects, managers are able to focus on strategic directions and provide stimulus to workers in order to focus them in strategic paths.
  • By providing workers more autonomy with regards to how they spend their time, and by letting the set their own goals, companies are able to foster a greater sense of ownership amongst their workers.

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