Pro Athletes Can Now Sign Autographs Miles Away

Pro Athletes Can Now Sign Autographs Miles Away

Sports fans can use Egraphs digital tech to easily receive a personalized message from stars.

Yi Chen
  • 10 january 2013

Seattle-based startup Egraphs, has already captured the attention of 300 professional athletes, ranging from baseball, and basketball players. The technology allows star players to write a message and sign an autograph without the need to be there. It also means that sports fans no longer need wait in line to receive a personalized autograph.

The process behind the concept is pretty simple. You simply go on to the website and find the star you want to receive an autograph from. All the available players are listed by sports, and teams.

Once you’ve selected a player, you can then choose a high-resolution photo before entering a specific message you want the star to write, or only have the signature. In addition to the autograph, each photo would also come with an audio message recorded by the star. Prices range from $25 to $115 for the whole package.


All signatures and audio messages are verified as athletes participating in Egraphs must take handwriting and voice prints. The signed memorabilia is always confirmed first for authenticity before it’s actually sent to the fan.

Steve Novak, an NBA player for the New York Knicks, commented that “Egraphs is an awesome way for me to connect with fans around the country. My favorite part is being able to record a fun voice message that is unique and personable.”

One of the co-founders of Egraphs, Gabe Kapler, not only sees Egraphs being a vehicle for sports stars to grow their fan base, but it’s a great tool for celebrities. The company hopes to offer personalized messages from film stars, musicians, and models in the near-future.




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