PSFK reports from the Future of Fashion event about New-York-based startups who are redefining how we think of retail.

At the last Future of Fashion event of 2012 held in the Projective Space by Fashion Digital Daily, the five presenting companies were Merocrat, Bib + Tuck, Go Try It On, Stylitics, and Little Black Bag. Each brought something new to the intersection of fashion and technology.


A professional community for global fashion talent, Merocrat seeks to give transparency to the hiring and project management practices of the fashion industry. Viktoria Ruubel, CEO and Co-Founder of the New York-based company, decided to build a professional network for creatives that was based on trust and transparency. She wanted to ensure that creative professionals including photographers, designers, models, make-up artists, and hair stylists could have direct contact with clients, and through this direct contact, establish trust and get paid. To prevent bragging, Merocrat is a project-based environment, where clients can assign credit for projects completed and talent can accept credit. The site also serves as a platform through which creatives and clients can setup payment plans, without going through agents.

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