Is the drive to produce the cheapest food possible leading to serious corner cutting?

This article titled “The secret of the ‘special offer' economy burger” was written by Felicity Lawrence, for The Guardian on Thursday 24th January 2013 20.00 UTC

Public health minister Anna Soubry is worried that poor people are fat these days. When she was a child they were taunted for being “skinny runts” you could spot a mile off, but now she reckons to be able to identify them not by how thin and hungry they are, but by their obesity.

She has a point. Class determines how obese you are, how long you live, what sort of illnesses you are likely to suffer from. But if Soubry wants to use her role to do something about it, she might like to investigate the current burger scandal for a less judgmental view of why these health inequalities persist.

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