The Future of Gadgets: Tablets For An Always On Lifestyle

The Future of Gadgets: Tablets For An Always On Lifestyle

Why we'll be able to use tablets for every facet of our lives in the near future, as written on IQ for Intel.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 9 january 2013

We’ve seen it in movies for ages. A future where all of our screens are linked, easily manipulated by a variety of inputs and always on. Content moves seamlessly across devices that seem to anticipate our every thought and need, staying one step ahead of our demanding media consumption and work habits. Sound like science fiction?

Intel Tablets 2

Turns out you can have something that approaches the ‘Minority Report’ experience with Windows 8 tablets that use Intel chips. Imagine if you will, waking up and having your morning coffee. Reaching over for your tablet, it is already ready to go, having been in a ‘Connected Standby’ mode that gives you instant access to calls, texts and other notifications while using minimal power overnight. As you browse your favorite news and social streams, perhaps you realize that you forgot to upload some images to Facebook or send important work files that are on another device. Seamlessly sync the tablet with your other gadgets using USB, MicroSD, HDMI or Bluetooth, or cut the cords completely and take advantage of the tablet’s Dropbox functionality.

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Running late for that early morning meeting? Rather than just phone in and feel left out, use video conferencing and make yourself seen and heard. There are apps for Intel tablets that facilitate this (like Skype, which previous Microsoft Messenger users can automatically use) and they will even enable you to share what’s on your screen for collaborative work. In addition, some tablets have a stylus that will allow you to draw and annotate on-screen in real-time.

If your office is one of the many that have migrated from desktops to laptops you won’t be surprised to learn that tablets will likely soon replace the latter. This added mobility and the ‘work from anywhere’ model will increase productivity, but can you really use a tablet for work? Most people need to have access to MS Office suite and Outlook, and the office printer.

Intel Tablet 4

Photo Credit: Bob Duffy of Intel Tablet Smart Squad

No worries, just snap an Intel tablet into the keyboard at your desk, connect to Wi-Fi and you’re good to go. Existing software and peripherals will migrate over easily, you can switch between tasks smoothly, and even choose to use the traditional Windows interface instead of the Windows 8 design if you like. Take it into your meetings, grab it before popping out for lunch and take it home after work – you’ll always be connected and able to finish the job.

How will tablets help you stay connected in every facet of your life? Continue reading here.

Header image credit: Bob Duffy of Intel Tablet Smart Squad

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