Concept Turns Gaming Into Full-Body Exercise

Concept Turns Gaming Into Full-Body Exercise

Intellect Motion has introduced the ‘GameCube’, which makes players get physical during video games.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 january 2013

Intellect Motion aims to disrupt the gaming market with their new “Play for Health” concept. The company has demonstrated a system that makes the player get physical during video games.

Concept Turns Gaming Into Full-Body Exercise

The ‘GameCube‘ is described as an advanced “Gravitation Distribution System” that creates a controlled gaming environment via the changes in gravitational pull. Players are strapped into a harness and bungee cords provide tension to ensure you’re always moving around in order to play the game.

The product allows the player to perform movements while being half weightless (thus jump twice higher and longer) and have the ability to return to the same starting position at ease. GameCube is essentially a support system and grid cube connected by rubber bands.

Mashable reports that the system, which also includes a computer, web cams, and wearable sensors, forces you to move your body to run forward and twist to turn from side to side. You can take a look at the ‘GameCube’ in the video below:

Intellect Motion


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