UV Pen Detects And Destroys Germs

UV Pen Detects And Destroys Germs

The Influsaber device uses light to rid objects and surfaces of bacteria.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 january 2013

For germaphobes who worry about the bacteria on their household objects and electronic devices, the Influsaber from Japan’s J-Force might come in handy. You simply shine the 14.5″ wand-like device over any surface, set a timer, and then UV-C light goes to work removing the germs.

These anti-bacterial rays destroy the genetic structure of microorganisms during an application, which is usually around five minutes. They quickly help purge a smartphone, tablet, or keyboard of any germs or bacteria present.

Pen Highlights And Destroys Germs

The Influsaber is powered by four AA batteries and features an LCD screen that displays the time you’ve set using the timer button.

Inventor Spot notes that the 4-watt UV bulb lasts for around 8,000 hours and for safety the power will cut out if you try to shine it anywhere but downwards. A pair of protective goggles are also included with the device to shield the user’s eyes.


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