Google And BERG Design The Future User Interface [Video]

Google And BERG Design The Future User Interface [Video]

Experiments with 'smart light' show how we might interact with Google products in a post-screens era.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 january 2013

Google Creative Lab and BERG collaborated in 2011 on what the future Google experience would look like, and created a series of videos to sketch out some potential scenarios  The videos pose the question: what would our interactions with Google look like if the company’s products weren’t ‘trapped’ behind a glass wall (i.e. a computer screen)?

The project, named ‘Lamps,’ focuses on light and projection technology, and is based upon certain ideas such as:

  • What if lamps could see?
  • By exploring materials of projection and computer visioning, one can begin to design how a smart light can look and behave
  • Inert, independent appliances can be brought together using the smart light concept
  • Physical materials change the quality of projected light. Textures and dark materials often look better than blank white surfaces

Many of these insights are built off the work of thinkers like MIT’s Professor Neil Gershenfeld, and computer scientist Seymour Papert. Watch the videos below to see demonstrations of the numerous ideas developed.

Dumb Things, Smart Light

24 Rules of Smart Light

Projection Materials

Media on Media

Text Camera


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