Fashion Forward Headscarf Headphones

Fashion Forward Headscarf Headphones

Designer targets female audiophiles with a new accessory that combines industrial design and expert tailoring.

Plus Aziz
  • 23 january 2013

Industrial designer Maria von Euler has combined her industrial design background with high-fashion tailoring to develop a new, premium accessory. Unlike other headphones that tend to position themselves as a gadget or accessory solely for listening to music, Molami works through the fashion industry to convey how their product ‘frames and enhances the feminine face’. This means softer fabrics with more sculpted, draping folds that work to convey elegance.

molami swergie show

It also means introducing the headphones through specialized events like Swergie, a Stockholm-based audiovisual event concept that brings together fashion, music, and electronics during Fashion Week.

Molami’s product line offers 3 headphone designs geared to women. Blight are a basic in-ear headphones design, Twine is an innovative design made of silk-satin and chiffon blends that wraps around the head. And finally, Pleat is a full ear design that complements the bone structure of the face.

The color palette is largely black, white and gold with a minimal usage of silver. All in all, the sexiness of the brand sits on a smart product design and media strategy.


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