Clarity Ensemble provides a live transcript service for all phone calls.

The Clarity Ensemble will make it possible for those with impaired hearing to have a conversation over the phone. The amplified captioned telephone displays a transcript of the talk in real-time on its large color touchscreen.

To make this possible, the company teamed up with ClearCaptions, which provides the service to caption the phone calls made on the Ensemble. Using the latest technology, the phone also features a handset that amplifies audio like a hearing aid of up to 50 decibels.

There are some restrictions with the Ensemble telephone. Because ClearCaptions is funded by the U.S. government, the captioning is only provided to U.S. residents. This means that the phone call can only be processed where one party of the call is located in the U.S. In addition, ClearCaptions is only available in English, with no details if other languages would be launched in the future.

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