Even though the major retailer is in financial hot water, some independent record shops are seeing increased sales. Why?

This article titled “HMV’s woes do not signal the end for record shops” was written by Rupert Neate and Martha Thomas, for The Guardian on Wednesday 16th January 2013 08.00 UTC

The days of popping to a record shop on a Saturday to pick up the latest hit single are long gone. Just 567,000 (0.3%) of the 189m singles sold last year were physical CDs while downloads – mostly from Apple’s iTunes store – surpassed 183m (97%).

Music buyers, however, still like to own “hard copies” of albums: sales of physical CD albums are far healthier. Nearly 70m CD albums were sold last year compared with the 30m downloaded. But nearly two out of every three were bought online or in supermarkets rather than from traditional music retailers on the high street.

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