Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Digital artist Daito Manabe turns people into controllers for experimental music performances.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 january 2013

Tokyo-based artist and programmer Daito Manabe has carried out a number of innovative technology projects. These often involve him hacking the human body in some way.

One system focuses on experimental music performances and linked a person’s face to electric sensors. Instead of playing a guitar or drums, this system let you ‘play’ your face like a musical instrument, using facial movements as a controller to trigger sounds.

Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Electrical stimulation could also be applied to the person’s face to create involuntary twitches that match the beat of the music. Manabe’s projects and inspiration are the subject of a short documentary from The Creators Project, which you can check out below:

Daito Manabe


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