Infinite Jukebox Hacks One Song To Play It Forever

Infinite Jukebox Hacks One Song To Play It Forever

By breaking songs down to beats and visualizing their structure, this online jukebox will re-arrange and assemble the song parts in new ways.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 january 2013

If you ever get urges to listen to the same song endlessly, try The Infinite Jukebox. It’s a music hack by The Echo Nest that allow listeners to hear their favorite songs indefinitely.

What’s interesting is that after playing the music, the hack visualizes different parts of a given song and will start chopping up the track to create new transitions. This is done by breaking the song down into beats, and then using those notes to generate never-ending and ever-changing versions of the song. Thus, rather than just playing the song repeatedly, the algorithm will deviate from the original song structure, forming a new experience for the listener.

The tool was developed by Paul Lamere during Boston’s Music Hack Day, where over 60 hacks were conceptualized and put in beta.

The Infinite Jukebox


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