Inflatable Earbuds Provide Better Fit

Inflatable Earbuds Provide Better Fit
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Asius Technology’s form-fitting earpieces easily adapt to your ear shape, providing a more comfortable and effective experience.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 21 january 2013

The two most important things when trying to find the perfect headphones are sound quality and fit. Some headphones, like Beats by Dr. Dre, are supposed to provide superior sound quality, but they’re much larger and bulkier to carry around. Many people choose earbuds instead, but with headphones like these there tends to be a fit-problem, since everyone’s ears are slightly different.

What if you could find the perfect earbuds? They would conform perfectly to the shape of your ear, and if someone else put them on, they could easily take on another shape. Asius Technologies has the solution.

Asius announced at the International CES two weeks ago that they’ve found the solution to your headphone troubles: inflatable earbuds.

Looking like a couple of miniature airbags attached to the end of your headphone cord, the Gore-Tex earpieces are strong, flexible, and able to be inflated and deflated many times without wearing out. The advanced earbuds help to eliminate outside noise disturbance by providing a tight fit. This, in turn, eliminates the need for excessively loud music that can lead to hearing damage.

The earpieces inflate themselves by utilizing some of the sound pressure from your listening devices. This allows them to change their shape as your ear canal changes when yawning, chewing, or even naturally over your lifetime. Essentially, you’re given a custom molding type fit much more easily and effectively than a solid earpiece can provide.

Not only useful for listening to your favorite music, the inflatable earpieces also have potential to improve hearing aids and professional headsets for concerts and other performances. The adaptable nature of the earpieces makes them more versatile than traditional hearing devices, as well as more comfortable.

The durability of the earbuds after constant inflation and deflation would be our greatest concern, but the prototype created by Stephen and Garnet Ambrose of Asius Technologies has lasted for over two years. The new technology is promising enough that Apple has already expressed serious interest in incorporating the product into their listening device offerings.

While its usage description as something that ‘crawls into the ear canal and unfurls’ is more off-putting than comforting, the added benefits of the inflatable earpieces definitely seem worth a try.

Asius Technologies

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