Intel Helps Users Avoid Collisions When Playing Wii Or Kinect Games

Intel Helps Users Avoid Collisions When Playing Wii Or Kinect Games

Technology that aims to improve safety in motion-controlled activities.

Yi Chen
  • 7 january 2013

According to patent claims, Intel aims to increase their stake in the gaming industry with motion controller safety technology. The secured patent hopes to make motion sensor-based consoles like the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Kinect more safe.

Intel’s patented technology includes various sensors and an Intel chip that work alongside a game console to monitor the player’s movement and their surroundings. It measures the proximity between a player and nearby objects. When a gamer is too close to something, the system will send out an audible alert, and pause the game.


The new patent is described as a:

New generation of gaming systems [that] support remote control-less consoles. The new generation gaming systems support features that detect and respond to motion and emotion of the users of the gaming system. However, the new generation gaming systems lack safety features, which may provide an opportunity to the users to avoid being injured caused by inadvertently colliding with the surrounding objects.

According to Forbes, it remains to be seen “if Intel’s safety system proves to be fast and accurate enough to warn players of collisions or injuries to nearby friends.” It’s certainly an interesting system that could be featured at this year’s CES.

For more information, you can view patent filing here.



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