Future Of Computer Interaction Blossoms With The Ultrabook Tree [CES]

Future Of Computer Interaction Blossoms With The Ultrabook Tree [CES]

The Intel booth at CES features a towering structure composed of 176 Ultrabook computers, as written on IQ for Intel.

Allie Walker
  • 9 january 2013

Walk into the Central Hall of the Consumer Electronics Show and you’ll be immediately greeted by a massive, glowing tree at the Intel booth. The tree, made of 176 Intel Ultrabooks, stands over 18 feet tall and showcases the latest hardware powered by Intel. But the tree isn’t just nice to look at (or snap a picture in front of!), it points to the future of computer interaction, letting visitors experience the potential of touch-screens.’

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Watch Josh of the Rockwell LAB demonstrate and explain more about the technology behind the tree:

The blossoms ripple throughout all of the 176 Ultrabook devices before making room for new ones– an estimated 200,000 blossoms are expected to be created over the four days of CES.

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On the surface, the tree gives visitors a fun and memorable way to experience the innovation of touch-enabled convertible devices. But on a larger, more important scale, the Intel Ultrabook Tree is an example of how the future of computer interaction will be a more natural, intuitive part of our lives.

The first-ever interactive Touch Tree at CES, the installation represents the transformative, personal and inspiring nature of technology in our lives. It visualizes Intel’s research into how to create personalized technology features and experiences within a collective setting and is a representation of the interconnected mobile world that we create together. The Intel Ultrabook Touch Tree illustrates how simple interactions have the ability to create richer and fuller experiences using both visual and tactile methods of communication.

If you’re at CES, stop by the Intel booth and create your own blossom! Find the tree in the Central Hall, booth 7252. Keep up to date on all the latest from Intel and CES with iQ by Intel and by following@intel on Twitter.

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