Accessory Turns iPhone Into A Gesture-Based Computer Mouse [Video]

Accessory Turns iPhone Into A Gesture-Based Computer Mouse [Video]

Kickstarter project Mauz hopes to change the way users browse on their laptop.

Yi Chen
  • 9 january 2013

Tech company Spicebox has created Mauz, which is a small device with a big potential. By plugging it into your iPhone, it’s able to turn it into a fully functional computer mouse. The wireless connector easily plugs into the mobile phone and works alongside the free downloadable app.

The device allows you to control the computer in a variety of ways. For example, it works like a standard mouse where you can left or right click, and move the scroll wheel up and down to browse pages.  In addition to this, it supports gesture-based controls, similar to a Nintendo Wii remote, and can also detect motions using the phone’s camera, which is like the Xbox Kinect sensor.


Mauz introduces new ways of browsing and navigating on your computer. By tilting your phone left or right, you can go back and forth between web pages. Swiping the phone left to right allows you to move between browser tabs. You can create shortcuts to include a specific motion or visual gesture.

Gilad Meiri, co-founder and CEO of Spicebox, explained that, “The evolution of pointing devices is happening with the Kinect and the Wii controller, and Google with its futuristic glasses. People are moving away from the traditional pointing solutions.”

Mauz is currently being funded on Kickstarter and hopes to raise at least $150,000 by the start of March this year.  Watch the video below for a demonstration to see how it works:



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