Roberto Casaleggio turned a comedian's fan club into Italy's second biggest political force in just over three years.

This article titled “Italy’s web guru tastes power as new political movement goes viral” was written by John Hooper in Milan, for on Thursday 3rd January 2013 18.12 UTC

“It’s like Jesus Christ and the apostles,” said Roberto Casaleggio. “His message, too, became a virus.”

With a shaggy mane of black, grey and silver hair that reaches to his shoulders, Casaleggio himself would make a good messiah. As it is, he is perhaps the most distrusted man in Italian politics: the web guru who, in just over three years, has turned a comedian’s fan club into Italy’s second biggest political force; an eminence grise with seemingly magical powers who has never before allowed himself to be interviewed by a newspaper.

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