How Johnny Walker Houses Are Boosting Brand Sales

How Johnny Walker Houses Are Boosting Brand Sales

Scotch whisky company's detailed experiences in Shanghai and Beijing boost profits and broadens appeal.

Plus Aziz
  • 29 january 2013

When architects from Singapore-based Asylum redesigned the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai, sales in China increased 64%. This new ‘house’ was recently built in Beijing, with attention to detail that creates luxurious, immersive experiences. Engravings on the wall capture the brand’s history and milestones, thousands of copper pipes and whiskey vaults work to simulate the operations of a real distillery, and there’s also concierge service that assists visitors in arranging trips to Scotland.

According to KNSTRCT:

The House sits in a historical landmark at Ch’ien Men 23 and is a blend of a bar, museum, retail outlet and an exclusive members club, all jam packed into 4 floors, rich in authentic whiskey story telling. The architects re-imagined a distillery and John Walker’s original grocery shop by using a deep, earthy color pallet, warm incandescent light, and nearly 10,000 copper pipes to simulate a working distillery.

Members can create their own signature Johnnie Walker blend and enjoy a dinner made by an on-site chef.  High end and VIP consumers can indulge in aged whiskey that retails above $4,000. Through the concierge service, these top-tier customers are encouraged to visit Johnnie Walker’s private distilleries in Scotland, where they can sample some of the world’s rarest whiskey blends.

Click through to see more images of the redesigned interior:

Brands like LVMH and BMW acknowledge the pivotal role of design experience in developing brand quality. BMW has a tiered approach where they’re able to capture consumers’ intellect and aspirations through initiatives like the BMW Guggenheim Lab. LVMH also opened up various heritage sites throughout Europe to invite consumers into the process of how they make their products — a major booster of tourism. While not all initiatives may help to drive up sales directly, the success of the Johnnie Walker House in China is telling evidence that design can impact sales.


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