Could Kenya Be The Next Silicon Valley? [Pics]

Could Kenya Be The Next Silicon Valley? [Pics]

The city of Konza could soon be the startup hub for tech companies.

Yi Chen
  • 30 january 2013

When you think of startups and tech companies, you probably think of San Francisco, followed by perhaps New York, London, and maybe even Berlin. However, you probably won’t think that Kenya, Africa, could be the next Silicon Valley.

Located 64km south of Nairobi, Kenya has begun construction on the new city of Konza. The Kenyan government hopes that £9.1 billion will turn an empty grassland into a buzzing metropolitan area filled with homes, schools, universities, and companies. The government has already called the city “Silicon Savannah” with hopes to attract tech startups and investors through tax breaks.


Currently, the site is empty and is only occupied by a highway. Konza’s development is being split into four phases in order to spread the cost. The first phase is for completion by 2017, with the final construction phase to be finished in 2030.

Kenya already has a good foundation to grow its own technology sector. In 2012, IMB chose Nariobi as the location of its first African research lab, while major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intel, have their regional headquarters there. There are also Kenya-based startups like M-Farm, and iHub.

Click through the images below to see what Silicon Savannah would look like.


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